Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011; A Year In Review

As 2011 comes to a close, all I can think of is WOW! What a year that was & please for the love of God and all things Holy, let 2012 be BETTER. Because honestly, I dont think I can handle much more of anything being thrown at my family.

2011 has officially been declared the worst.year.EVER!

Events of 2011 were, but not limited to,
Realized we were going to loose our home
Decided on a place to move to
Looked for a new place to live
Vanessa turned 1
Filed for Branden's egg donor to pay child support
Notified said egg donor of our intentions to move (which she of course had a shit fit about)
Got served papers from again said egg donor that she wanted shared placement of Branden (We figure she was grasping for straws on trying to not let us move---she failed)
Made preparations to move
Said good-bye to our beloved neighbors, friends & family (the ones that matter) in Milwaukee,
Moved our family 3 hours north out of Milwaukee to a much calmer, quieter, safer more relaxed little country town,
Traumatized Vanessa in this move to which she stopped talking
Had court date for above mentioned egg donor in which she was ordered to pay child support starting Nov. 1st. (none of which we have received yet and are getting particularly pissed off about)
Put Vanessa in speech therapy for the above traumatzing even in which she stopped talking.
Ruled out that she was autistic (Thank The Lord)
Rehomed a beloved pet because I cannot afford to keep buying dog food to feed him. Another beloved pet soon to follow possibly unless a miracle happens.
Confessed to myself that I am a horrible mother because I could not provide Christmas for my children.
Got surprised by the bestest friends whom I have never met that live within my computer with an astonishing $400 to go Christmas shopping for my kids.
Kids declared this the best Christmas ever.
Continue to struggle paying bills.

Life has no fairytale ending here, and its not over yet. I am very hopeful that 2012 has tons and tons and tons of more exciting things to offer and turns out to be a better year than 2011.

It can honestly only go up from here right?

Happy New Years Eve!


jessi ♥ said...

Awww :0( I'm so sorry 2011 sucked so bad! I hope 2012 is a way better year for you guys. Newest follower by the way!

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